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What We Learned From Stingl's Sexy E-Book Column
But were afraid to ask.
There's an erotica publisher known as Stiff Rain Press, which has also published narratives involving gay zombies. We'd tell you more, but this "Access Denied" thing keeps popping up.

Standards of decency continue to exclude expressions of sexual activity from the website of your local newspaper; the video of author Steve Fromm reading from his erotic e-book, Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe (see below), was heavily bleeped.

"Porn on paper," as he attests, is somehow more acceptable, from a social standpoint, than other forms of pornography. To assess the local canon, we're looking back to OnMilwaukee.com's interview with a shoeless local pornstar. Stingl's piece exudes more of a homey warmth.

You can describe a lot of hanky-panky in just 55 pages, a bit shorter than that other eyebrow-curler, the Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook.

In what local suburb are pleasant couples who live in well-appointed homes frequently solicited to take up the "swinging" lifestyle? Menomonee Falls, apparently.

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