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Morning Links for April 15, 2013
Is busy the new lazy? Plus: Young Professionals Week, concealed guns in schools and beer cans.
Hey, hey, it’s a Monday! Yes, another sunless, rainy Monday in Milwaukee. But cheer up. We have your Morning Links right here.
  • Think you’re too busy to read all these links? You might just be lazy, says iDoneThis CCO Jane Choi on the company’s blog. But if you’re really too busy (lazy) to read the whole thing, Fast Company did you a solid and condensed it into a nice short blog post.

  • You might have seen this “fun” video of the Fox6 WakeUp crew doing the Dougie. But what you might not know is that reporter Angelica Duria’s part was filmed half a block away from Friday’s fire that killed three children. Duane Dudek responds. (Editor's note: The video has been yanked off Fox6's site.)

  • Less of a story, more of a calendar, but this week is Young Professional Week in Milwaukee. Events kicked off yesterday and continue through Sunday.

  • Some teachers in a small town in south-central Missouri now carry concealed guns. And most of the parents are happy about it. But even in West Plains, where guns are a way of life, some schools disagree, The New York Times reports.

  • In beer-related news, Hooligan’s (a bar so old your grandparents drank there, Tom Daykin quips) has switched to cans. The change came in time for Milwaukee Beer Week, and the bar now plans to stock 99 (yes, 99) types of beer in cans at all times.
  • The Brewers season has just started, but they’re already teaching us things. FOX Sports Andrew Gruman has five.

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