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Morning Links for April 14, 2014
No, it's not your average Milwaukee Day.

There shall never be a day more Milwaukee than today's palindromic Milwaukee Day, 4-14-14. We're celebrating it with the gift of links, and we promise that none of them contain snow.

  • The state's Republican Party will indeed vote on whether to support secession-related legislation in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explains how a "fringe" proposal made its way to the Republican state convention.
  • Hey, remember that time you flew up 45,000 feet to the edge of space on NASA's stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy? Well, a couple of local teachers do. Nicolet High School's Kathy Gustavson and UW-Milwaukee Planetarium Director Jean Creighton have a story to tell, and they shared it with WISN-TV Channel 12.
  • Yep, the Milwaukee Brewers won again Sunday. That's nine in a row, enough to forge a league-best 10-2 record and start getting the attention of baseball's national writers. Meanwhile, you can get a full dose of Brewers news every day in our new blog, the Frosty Mug.
  • The weekend brought more smoke about a possible impending sale of the Milwaukee Bucks. But this time, the smoke focused on a sale to local investors. Brewhoop has a fine roundup of the scuttlebutt.
  • And finally, the Milwaukee Record found a photographic way to share in the Milwaukee Day spirit. We can wholeheartedly recommend the hot dog cart.

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