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How to Mark Milwaukee Day
Bells, whistles, espresso and beer: It must be 4/14.

Photo courtesy of Adam Ryan Morris 

It only comes around once a year. If you listen carefully, you can hear beer bottles popping, bloodies being shaken and brats sizzling on the grill. That’s right folks, I’m talking about Milwaukee Day. 

What started as a celebration of all things Milwaukee by three 414 natives, has taken off as an official, mayor-approved, city-wide holiday. And this year, the day is doubly auspicious. Not only is today the fourteenth day of the fourth month, but it’s also 2014.

So how should you celebrate? We’re glad you asked. After attending City Hall's bell ringing, you could grab some coffee from Colectivo, shotgun a PBR, visit the Milwaukee Art Museum or even host your own Brewers' sausage race.

Check out milwaukeeday.com for more suggestions on Milwaukee Day activities.


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POSTED 1/12/2015