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O Hallowed Hall of Gaming
Classic PC and video game systems have been liberated from basement exile.
The Brookfield Sheraton is jammed today with thousands of gamers and almost as many video game systems, pinball machines and arcade cabinets rattling with the pings and ker-pows of joy. It's truly a sight to behold. A morning rain and a brief power outage threatened to dampen the mood, but a few curious souls gravitated toward the board game demonstrations ("No power required here!") until We Energies had finished re-routing enough juice to meet the demands of approximately 13,000 8-bit microprocessors. The hotel is a fever dream of free arcade gaming, Quake 1 LAN games, stationary bicycles that double as game controllers and more, more, more.

We snapped a few shots of the right proper Classic Gaming & Computing Museum, part of the Midwest Gaming Classic, which runs through Sunday.

TRS-80 with cassette tape drive (late 1970s)

RCA Studio II console (1977)

ColecoVision (1982)

Macintosh SE (1987)

Commodore PET (1977)

Atari scratch-off games, buttons and badges

Atari 5200 (1982) and ads with Pac-Man

"Hello World!" programmed via BASIC

Compaq Portable (1983)

Compaq Portable PC Ms. Pac-Man screen

IBM 5150 
(early 1980s) running Zork I 

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