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Morning Links for April 1, 2013
We're not fooling; here's the best of the best of the morning news.
This is not a joke. We're bringing you what you need to read this morning so you can get to prankin'.  

·       In honor of April Fool's day, Fast Company brings you a list of 13 successful marketing campaigns that were nothing but big ol' hoaxes.

·       Meanwhile, Mashable outlines Google's latest April's Fool's joke which is a supposed update to Gmail called Gmail Blue. "It's Gmail, only bluer."

·       The New York Times reports that nearly one in five high school age boys have received a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The story reveals the danger in overdiagnosis.

·       In case you forgot (really, how could you?), today is opening day at Miller Park. Reports on Twitter indicated lines before 9 a.m. But if you haven't already headed to the park, or you have a smartphone, check out this season preview on the Journal Sentinel.

·       An investigation by the Journal Sentinel shows that the Greater Milwaukee Committee might have played a bigger role in drafting the bill to chop the Milwaukee County Board than previously thought.

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