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Grizzly Bear at Pabst Theater
Answer the call of the wild and see this indie four-piece.

Photo by Barbara Anastacio

With each album, Brooklyn-based four-piece Grizzly Bear pushes musical palettes and inspires imitators. Mention its name, after all, and imaginations travel straight to Williamsburg, flannel and PBR. Still, it transcends the stereotypes. Grizzly Bear’s latest work, 2012’s Shields, might be its best yet – intricate, emotional and layered. “Yet Again” starts with a kind of restrained power. But as it builds past the final “Take it all in stride/Speak don’t confide,” the tone changes, ending with an unexpected bout of delightfully dizzying instrumentation. Let’s hope they bring the same level of surprise to the stage.

Grizzly Bear (April 2). Pabst Theater. 144 E. Wells St., 414-286-3663, pabsttheater.org.

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