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Pantone 2012 Color of the Year
Tangerine Tango is Taking Over
If you’ve noticed a barrage of orange when you’ve been clicking through the bridal blogs this spring you’ve caught on to the influence of Pantone, a company that each year since 1999 has declared a “Color of the Year”. When Tangerine Tango was announced last December there was an immediate splash of citrus in all areas of design including the wedding industry. Pantone is said to select the color based on the spirit of the times so more thought goes into the selection than simply spinning a color wheel. This year’s shade is described as “a spirited reddish color” that “provides the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward”. Okay, I can buy into that. Just googling the sultry shade brings up photos of fashion, home decor and events that all conjure up feelings of sitting in the warm summer sun. If you are looking to add some tango to your next event, consider these show stopping combinations.  

Keep it classic and use a few splashes of color against an all white backdrop. 

Photo by Floridian Weddings

If the pop of the orange is a little overwhelming to you, tone down its blinding effects by pairing it with softer shades of pink, white or even grey.  

Photo courtesy of assets4.designsponge.com

For a standout summer pop, bring in some hot pink and your event will glow under the sun.
Etsy Store: All4Brides

For a more dramatic effect, pair with deep blues and golden yellows. This combination will work well as the shade transitions into fall.


Lastly, and my personal favorite, combine with deep purple tones that add a formal, almost regal feel to any space.

Weddings by Pamela

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