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April 1997
How to

April 1997

Volume 22

Number 4



How They Do It

What’s done is done. But how? We asked local people from prominent and less conspicuous circles to share their modus operandi – for things like writing a novel or smoking a cigar. Here’s what they said.

By The Editors


A Question of Style

Who is Mequon Mayor James Moriarty and why does this vocal advocate of slow growth rub so many people the wrong way?

By Jennifer L. Irsfeld


Camp Classics

It’s almost summer vacation. Do you know where your kids are? They could be at one of the top 20 in-state camps we’ve profiled, eating s’mores and catching muskies.

Edited by Stephen Filmanowicz


At Home: Spring

The Victorians knew how to plot a garden so well that today’s designers are putting age-old techniques to use in modern spaces.

By Mary Alice Koehne




Stop here before you pass go.

By John Fennell



Our turn to be scrutinized.


The Insider

An agency in arrears, funds in the funk, cops in new duds.

Edited by Stephen Filmanowicz


Pressroom Confidential

Pressure tactics and prolific freelancers.

By Peter Robertson


City Slants

A man who tells a good story and a couple that build UFOs.

Edited by Bruce Murphy


Dining Etcetera

Two Sicilian émigrés who cook like mama.

By Ann Christenson



Wisconsin’s new school aid formula helps the rich by taking from the poor.

By Bruce Murphy


On the Cover

Photograph by Chris Corsmeier.

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