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A PBR Table for Your PBR
Wood reclaimed from Pabst fashioned into designer shapes that you can totally use as a table. Or a stool. Or whatever.

Room & Board might be a Minnesota-based company, but the designers had their eyes on Wisconsin for one particular item. The company recently launched what they’re calling “reclaimed wood shapes” using white pine salvaged from the framing and roof trusses of the Pabst Blue Ribbon factory.

These solid wood shapes can be used as an end table, nightstand or a stool, the company says. That’s all well and good, but we think it’ll make a great place to set down that PBR tallboy we know you have in your fridge. And save on beer you’ll have to. The “shapes” retail for $299 for the 18-inch version and $329 for the 22-inch version.

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POSTED 1/12/2015