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Morning Links for April 10, 2014
A controversial tattoo, Oprah's biggest regret, and... was Jesus married?
You read, therefore you need to have Morning Links in your life. Start now:

  • Scientific testing has shown no evidence of forgery to an ancient Egyptian papyrus that refers to Jesus as being married.  

  • You know you want to know... Oprah, the woman who needs no last name, has revealed her "biggest regret."

  • Do you love a grilled cheese sandwich enough to pay $100 for it? Deca Restaurant + Bar (in Chicago’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel) has such a thing on its menu, and one of its ingredients is 40-year aged Wisconsin aged cheddar “infused with 24K gold flakes.”

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus has done a controversial Rolling Stone cover. It features the 53-year-old posing nude with a tattoo of the Constitution that is is getting slammed for being historically inaccurate.

  • The mother of actress Amanda Bynes, whose behavior made many headlines before she entered a treatment facility last year, chalks up her actions to being under the influence of marijuana.

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