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Morning Links for April 10, 2013
Reads to get your mind off of our, er, lovely spring weather.

Between bites of buttered toast and sips of Joe, we're reading these fine nuggets from local and national news sources:

  • Where the fork has Justin Vernon been? The Eau Claire-born frontman for the band Bon Iver is back, with a “debut” album, reports A.V. Club Milwaukee, with a new group – blues rock-genred The Shouting Matches.

  • Hold onto your bra straps. Last week, the CEO of Houston-based restaurant chain Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill made the momentous announcement that Bikinis had trademarked the term “Breastaurant.” That bastion of food news Eater.com has more on this 42D-size announcement.

  • The Hollywood Reporter has released its 2013 list of Most Powerful People in Media. Who doesn't love George Stephanopoulos? Um, right? 

  • What about the name Pomegranate? So, well, fruity. According to Reuters, there is big betting news on the name for the royal baby-to-be. Dying to know? Click here.

  • The quote of the week (you didn't know we had one?) comes from Dick Cheney, via CNN. com. Cheney's response on the interminable crisis in North Korea: "We're in deep doo-doo."


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