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A New Day
Brunch at Tony & Mia's, and the future of INdustri Cafe.

Photo of carpaccio at Tony & Mia's by Adam Ryan Morris

Sun Salutation  
Randy and Camille own a place in Delafield called Tony & Mia’s. The couple -- whose last names are Piering and DiNicola, respectively -- serve chicken Siciliano and lasagna Bolognese, risotto of the day and spaghetti and meatballs  in the one-time Ruggeri’s (515 W. Wells St., 262-646-5999). The couple also gets up on Sunday mornings to serve brunch. And what a menu it is. Examples: three-egg omelet, Belgian waffles, short ribs with tomatillo auce and polenta, trio of pierogi (including kraut and mushrooms), Randy’s BLT and a breakfast pizza ($6.50-$11). Brunch hours: 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

INdu-Stream of Events

The saga of Chefgate at INdustri Café (524 S. Second St.) continues. As reported in a recent Daily Mil (link here), new head chef Dan Morales brought both cooking skills and a colorful past to his position – including misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault charges stemming from his days running now-defunct D Mo’s Pasta and Chophouse in Waukesha. However, in a press release emailed Thursday, owner Robert Klemm revealed that “due to unforeseen probation restrictions,” Morales was “forced to leave” the 2-year-old Walker’s Point restaurant. Klemm has temporarily filled the hole by jumping into the kitchen himself, he said by phone, adding that he’s “looking forward to the future” and plans to release his new, strictly small-plates menu sometime this month. (Note that there is also Sunday’s brunch menu, featuring a build-your-own Kellogg’s Eggo waffle bar.) As for replacing Morales, Klemm says he’s looking for a chef who shares “the same drive and passion.”


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