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Dead Eye
Plot thickens in governor's mansion shooting.
A Wisconsin Capitol Police officer's keen marksmanship may have been her undoing.

Officer Kimberly Tesch, a department rookie who had not yet received full firearms training, was fired last year after a bullet pierced a window located in the department's office at the governor's mansion. According to the State Journal, Tesch initially claimed the bullet came from outside the building, but the spray of glass fragments extending to the outside suggested otherwise.

Records obtained by the newspaper uncovered another damning detail -- the bullet hole precisely punctured the eye of a cartoon ghost hanging from the window's blinds, strong evidence that the gun was intentionally aimed at the cardboard cutout.

However the shooting transpired, it occurred while Gov. Walker and his family were not present. (The family still maintains a residence in Wauwatosa.) A brief manhunt following the discharge found no assailant.

(Wisconsin Capitol Police photo obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal)

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