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Cab Cap
Alderman and others urging public to attend hearing on lifting cap on cab permits.
In 1991, according to Ald. Bob Bauman, the city passed an ordinance that capped the number of taxi cab permits. This means, he says, that there are fewer taxis operating today than there were in 1993. So, Bauman has proposed a new ordinance that would lift the cap on permits. And he wants help from the public - fast.

The Public Transportation Review Board is meeting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to discuss it, and Bauman, with the help of some friends in high places, is urging the public to attend. 

According to the statement, Bauman said, "we’ve heard plenty from taxicab owners, permit holders, and others with a direct financial and/or business interest in the matter, but not from the wider public." This prompted the folks behind the Pabst Theater to take up the cause. 

An email sent to the Pabst listserv reads: "Today, Milwaukee has fewer cabs that it did 20 years ago. Want to change this?," and then inserts an image of the Journal Sentinel story about Bauman's proposed ordinance. 

The ordinance also stipulates that cabs have adequate leg room and that the Department of Works conduct quarterly inspections of all cabs with permits. 

If you've got strong feelings about the topic, your chance to voice those opinions will be at 9 a.m. in room 301-B at City Hall (200 E. Wells St.). 

Image via Shutterstock. 

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