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Introducing ‘Intersections’
A new blog from Editorial Assistant Aimee Robinson

Photo by Susan Robinson
I call an Oklahoma oil boomtown home. Just south of Tulsa, my hometown has a few stop lights, a Walmart, Sonic and a handful of other small-town necessities. The streets are lined with old mansions and houses, lawns neatly kept. It’s a small town, a cute town at first glimpse. You see families having dinner at the diner, and you know everyone by name. The streets are flooded with church-goers on Sunday mornings; their chatter fills a normally quiet scene. Old brick buildings cast shadows over streets, reflecting its golden days of prosperity. All of these things make my hometown wonderful. 

But I can sit at a stop sign downtown and see beautiful, abandoned buildings of the oil boom sitting unused and unnoticed.  

I have always looked at the structures and thought “what a shame.” They have withstood the test of time and sit overlooked in our own backyards. So many people fail to see a historical building’s beauty or long to hear its story. Kids see a grungy old building, teens see a canvas to spray paint on and adults see the remains of good days gone by.  

I hit an intersection in life and now call Milwaukee my home-away-from-home. I rarely explore this city without distraction; I am mesmerized by the architecture, the history and the preservation of both. I feel my Oklahoma hometown has forgotten the things so greatly cherished in this city.

This “Intersections” series is for the inquisitive, for those who have an appreciation for history. I hope to explore historical structures in this city and tell their tales to you, allowing you to take a step back into time and perhaps provoke your curiosity. This blog will feature Milwaukee’s history, architecture and perhaps my own random thoughts (as an out-of-towner, I assure you I have many). 

If you have a building or site you are fond of in Milwaukee, please do me a favor and email the structure’s name and address to me. Let me know why you are so taken by this piece of history, and I will do my best to answer your questions. 

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