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Wild Space Dance at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater
This luscious show capitalizes on Wild Space Dance's site-specific works March 14-16.

Photo by Matt Schwenke

Wild Space Dance Company is known for its expansive, site-specific works inspired by the city, like last fall’s Milwaukee 360°, which was performed on the rooftop of a Pabst brewery parking structure. But sometimes, as Artistic Director Deborah Loewen puts it, the company enjoys “giving in to the senses.” Last year’s Delicious filled the Milwaukee Rep’s Stiemke Studio with stories from lifetimes of cooking with help from an onstage chef. For its next show, Luscious, the company saturates the space with luxurious movement (inspired by the odalisque), dream imagery, improvised gesture and music. And don’t worry. Loewen promises there will be chocolate.

Luscious (March 14-16). Stiemke Studio. Milwaukee Repertory Theater. 108 E. Wells St., 414-224-9490, wildspacedance.org.

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