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Signs & Portents
Is someone, somewhere building a massive collection of stolen parking signs?

You know it’s hard times when a city can’t even hold on to its parking signs. We’re talking about the little oval ones marking the numbered parking spaces that use LUKE, the electronic meter system. The city has roughly 3,000 of them, each sporting a logo representing the surrounding neighborhood, and in 2012, 143 went missing at a replacement cost of $13,513.50. No one is certain where these signs are all going, only that they still are. Another 62 ($5,859 to replace) disappeared in 2013, and it’s safe to say more will vanish in 2014. City officials cannot confirm that the signs are being stolen. We suppose they could be sprouting legs and walking off – or falling into the collection of some mad packrat.

This article appears in the March 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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