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Layer It On
Layer for the weather, mix and match prints because it adds delightful dimension.

1. Chino pants in gray by Tommy Hilfiger, $44.75 at Macy’s.
2. Stanley wallet in red by Skulls, $32 at Moda3.
3. Original rugged boot in red brown by Timberland, $170 at Boston Store.
4. Pocket knife in classic red by Swiss Army, $17.50 at Harleys.
5. KLS 2 reader glasses in brown by 9five, $82 at Moda3.
6. Five panel tweed hat in brown by The Quiet Life, $36 at Moda3.
7. 51-30 chronograph watch by Nixon, $500 at Moda3.
8. Roller ball pen by Tateossian London, $275 at Squire.
9. IPhone case in rosewood by Recover, $38 Moda3.
10. Nichols shirt in navy plaid by Huf, $66 at Moda3.
11. Denim shirt in light blue by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, $69.50 at Macy’s.
12. Revised Matlock Quilted jacket in tapestry red by Tommy Hilfiger, $104.99 at Macy’s.
13. Estate port brief bag in cognac by Fossil, $248 at Macy’s.
14. Razor and brush by eShave, $90 and $60, respectively, at Harleys.
15. Denim jacket in light blue by Levi’s, $84 at Moda3.
16. Early bird shirt in burgundy by Obey (Propaganda), $66 at Moda3.
17. Holborn check tie in navy blue by Bar III, $49.50 at Macy’s.
18. Tie clip in silver by Kenneth Cole Reaction, $30 at Macy’s.
19. Holiday group gingham tie in black and white by Tommy Hilfiger, $65 at Macy’s.
20. Medallion tip Oxford shoes by Alden, $486 at Squire.
21. Flannel shirt in ivory cloud by John Ashford, $17.99 at Macy’s.
22. Tan striped sweater by Gran Sasso, $365 at Harleys.
23. Socks in red and black check by Alfani Spectrum, $7.98 at Macy’s.
24. Dalton Oxford shoes in sand by Stacy Adams, $80 at Macy’s.
25. Fair Isle knit scarf in navy blue by Tommy Hilfiger, $55 at Macy’s.
26. Cuff links by HollenWolff, $495 at Harleys.
27. Mad Hatter jeans in indigo by Robert Graham, $198 at Harleys.
28. Money clip knife by Swiss Army, $40 at Harleys.
29. Engine-turned leather belt by Polo Ralph Lauren, $44.09 at Boston Store.
This article appears in the March 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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