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You're Cheesin' Kidding Us!
Nope, this man really stole $200,000 worth of Sconnie cheese.

Such audacious dairy thievery! New Jersey officers picked up a Plainfield, Illinois man driving an 18-wheeler packed with $200,000 worth of stolen Wisconsin cheese. According to the Associated Press, 34-year-old Veniamin Balika  is believed to have used false paperwork to get his mitts on 42,000 pounds of Muenster from the K&K/Old Country Cheese Factory in Cashton, Wis. While the cheese burglar has been apprehended and the prodigious stash retrieved, the cheese will apparently not be returned to its Badger state source. Because of the possibility that the cheese was tampered with, K&K reportedly doesn't want it back. But this precious cargo may not go to waste. If New Jersey health officials determine that the cheese is safe to eat, it will be donated to charity.



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