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Morning Links for March 29, 2013
Mining begins, breakfast with Don Smiley and NCAA awkwardness.

Hi, this is your friendly Morning Links with another fine selection of curated links.

  • Gogebic Taconite, the Florida mining company that has big plans for northern Wisconsin, isn't wasting any time: The firm plans to start test drilling in April, the Journal Sentinel reports. The state Legislature passed a bill earlier this month that streamlines the permitting process for mining operations.

  • The JS is also covering the latest offensive by opponents of the Downtown streetcar. It comes at a bad time for the city.

  • Police haven't yet identified a man pulled from the Milwaukee River, but TMJ4 says the description of the body found floating Downtown matches that of Nick Wilcox, the UWM student missing since New Year's Eve. An autopsy is expected to wrap up later today.

  • BizTimes says the debate over raising the minimum wage has made its way to Milwaukee, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Eugene Kane recently had breakfast with Don Smiley, the Summerfest CEO, who complained that news media were making too much of the news that he now makes almost $800,000 a year. The columnist and executive dined at an "East Side diner," which could very well have been Ma Fischer's.

Comment if we missed something witty, informative or shocking.

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