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Fitness Fighting
New results-driven fitness studio opened this month, with an emphasis on punching and kicking.

There is a fine line between feeling like you are going to throw up and a proud sense of accomplishment from a hard work out. At Fitness Fighting, you’ll likely feel both during the hour-long class that makes boot camp feel like a day at the beach.

The new gym in Glendale offers morning, mid-day, evening, and weekend kickboxing-style classes. It’s a little off the beaten path, sharing a space in an industrial park with Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp, but the interior is clean, spacious, and bright.

Kyle Weickhardt and Chris Martin opened the studio March 1 and offered an entire month of free classes before they opened. They saw about 150 people come through to check out their original class.

The class is great for anyone who wants to get in shape because it mixes cardio, plyometrics, martial arts and strength training. “I have seen what kickboxing workouts do for people, and in my opinion, it gets the best results out of any form of exercise,” said Kyle.

The class is broken into three parts: dynamic warm up with stretching and jogging, technique exercises, and ABC – anything but contact. In between gloved throwing-and-kicking combos on pads and bags, Kyle might just decide to throw in two sets of push-ups, sprints or crunches. He has an innate ability to sniff out physical exhaustion and just when you think you’re going to collapse he pushes you harder.

There is a maximum of 20 people in class and everyone works with a partner. It’s like having a personal trainer because Kyle circulates the room to correct your form and keeps you on cue while pushing you to improve both your mental and physical stamina and focus.

“We really put a lot of emphasis on learning proper form not just to be safe, but so that you can get the best possible workout and increase your mobility, flexibility, and strength,” Kyle says.

I wavered between zen and rage once the adrenaline began pumping and I walloped on the bag while my partner held it in place. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I stopped punching -  and the room kept spinning.

Kyle has a background in Muy Thai, though he has also practiced Jiu Jitsu and competed locally and nationally in professional mixed marshal arts events over the past ten years.

The positive, supportive environment balanced the intensity of the workout and gave me confidence to finish out the class strong. “So, how many classes until I won’t feel like I am going to throw up?” I asked Kyle.

“It all depends on your level athleticism and what kind of physical shape you are in,” he replied.

Just to clarify, this is not one of those workouts that you can go to after eating dinner. Kyle recommends not eating for two hours before class.  I learned that the hard way. Rest assured, I’ll go back and keep kicking my way right into bikini season.

Right now, get 60 percent off of classes – just $80 for a 10-pack punch card. To see a schedule and sign up for classes, click here.

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