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Morning Links for March 28, 2013
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Another day, another Morning Links. And we mean that in the best possible way. Just like your morning coffee, our list of morning must-reads should be a daily ritual:

  • A little Buzz in the morning? How apropos, given tonight’s Sweet 16 matchup between Marquette's Golden Eagles and the Miami Hurricanes. Apparently, as reports the Journal Sentinel, coach Williams has an “unprecedented” approach to player rotation.

  • Salon.com created a “courage meter” that rates politicos on their gutsiness on the issue of marriage equality. Is there a Wisconsin connection? You betcha.

  • Who doesn't like their pancakes smothered in real Wisconsin maple syrup? Seems this year's extended chilly weather has been sweet for Wisco sap production, according to the Biztimes.com. Let's toast with syrup.

  • Milwaukee, a mecca for water technology? Yep, and now the world knows it, too, thanks to a super-flattering article in Forbes.

  • Peeps dioramas have been the Easter rage for years. But to think this sugary marshmallow treat has a secret life! The LA Times breaks the Peep-blowing story that will leave you with a serious case of "the sugars."

Have any suggestions for morning reading? Leave it in the comments.

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