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The New Brewers Frosty Mug
Kyle Lobner has a new home, but the same great Brewers coverage.

Good morning, and welcome to the new home of the Frosty Mug.

Since its introduction in 2008 at BrewCrewBall, the Mug has been a one-stop opportunity to remain informed on all things Milwaukee Brewers. It's your home for linked and summarized Brewers and baseball-related material from hundreds of sources, ranging from obvious outlets like MLB.com and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel all the way down to sites like Plunk Everyone, a daily blog cataloging batters hit by pitches in the previous day’s games. Starting tomorrow, I'm proud to bring it to Milwaukee Magazine.

I'm also proud to announce that the Frosty Mug has a new sponsor. It's now brought to you by Legends of the Field, a sports memorabilia company you can trust. I'd like to thank them for making this new endeavor possible, and I hope this is the start of a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Longtime readers of the Mug will likely be happy to know that I'm not planning on making drastic changes to the format in this new space. The Mug will still run each weekday morning and will still have all the same features you've become familiar with, from a recap of the day's news and opinions to minor league coverage, history and even the occasional attempt at comedy. In addition, I'm looking forward to trying out some new ideas to help the project continue to evolve and thrive.

With this move comes a new set of social media accounts to follow as well. Follow @BrewFrostyMug for instantaneous updates on the Brewers and the world of baseball, and check out the Mug's new Facebook page at facebook.com/BrewersFrostyMug.

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