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In Defense of a Winter Wedding
For reasons pertaining to decor, venues, outfits and more.


It’s March and it still feels like winter here in Wisconsin. So why the heck am I planning a winter wedding right now? I am, like most, undoubtedly fed up with the cold weather, but in December, winter still feels like a novelty, there is usually an angelic dusting of snow, and spirits are high from the magic of the holiday season.  Really, a winter wedding can be a beautiful thing.


Top 5 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding:

1. It’s not peak season for weddings, so many venues and vendors will often negotiate a better rate. But you should still start planning at least nine months in advance because holiday parties also reserve prime indoor spaces.

2. Your décor bill will be much cheaper because seasonal evergreens are more substantial and cost less. And most venues are already decorated for the holidays.

3. You get to wear a beautiful fur shawl – even better if it’s vintage – because really, nothing else would be an appropriate cover for a wedding gown.

 4. White on white looks so gorgeous. The austerity of a white gown against the white snow, or even the Calatrava, creates a very dramatic look.

5. There is not better time to take a beach vacation/honeymoon than in January when there’s no end in sight for the winter weather.

All photos courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott.

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