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Morning Links for March 26, 2013
What we're reading this morning.
Sometimes there's not enough coffee in this city to wake us fully. We suspect we're not alone, so we're here to assist in the most crucial part of your morning ritual: news reading. Let's get to it.
  • The Journal Sentinel's Don Walker reports that this year's average Brewers' opening day ticket costs $100. That seems like a lot of scratch, but that price is apparently $20 less than last year's average. 
  • Leading the A.V. Club Milwaukee's homepage is Matt Wild's take on local hip-hop artist Klassik's latest music video, shot in front of  the Art Museum. Spoiler alert: There is a whole lot of concrete and one very fantastic denim jacket. 
  • With data from the Drug Enforcement Administration, WISN has a cumbersome data slideshow that shows how many meth labs were "exposed" across the country by state. Wisconsin ranks 24th with 31 meth labs exposed, while Missouri has a whopping 1,825. 
  • In an apparent case of mistaken murder, writer Amy Wilentz says that Google's algorithm caught the dates of her father's life and death, and mistakenly connected it with her. So when people searched Google for Wilentz, the results claimed she died. When we searched for her this morning, however, she was alive and well. 
  • New York Magazine's most-read story is its cover feature on the drama of the  Today show and its host Matt Lauer. We can't watch the Today show because we're  busy writing the Morning Links, but we can assure you the story is an interesting read. 
  • This morning the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging California's controversial Prop 8 ban on gay and lesbian marriages. 
  • The Hill has the details on why Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is gathering tech, advertising and political allies in Washington to launch a non-profit lobby group. According to the article, the group plans to lobby for economic competitiveness, education reform and immigration.  
Have any suggestions for morning reading? Leave it in the comments. 

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