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Fake Walker Book Titles: A Culling
Be warned, most of these are ouchies.

Gov. Scott Walker's planned memoir, to be ghostwritten by national political writer Marc Thiessen, will be called Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge. Walker opponents and supporters alike have suggested other titles since the National Review reported yesterday that the book was forthcoming. Most are unflattering. We listed those first and a few pro-Walker slugs afterward. For sources, we used JSOnline comments from here and here and  Facebook threads, especially this one.


Wisconsin: Mined, All Mined!

In Cold Blood

Everything You Wanted to Know About Corruption but Were Afraid to Ask

Open for Business: The Shocking True Story of How a Single Sociopath Destroyed One of America's Greatest States

The Inner Life of Scott Walker: Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires

Little Scooter Mc-Walkie Talkie Goes to Washington

Behind Every Great Man Are a Lot of Out of State Billionaires

The Smart ALEC

Derp: An Anthology

Governing for Dummies



Winning Twice in the Same Term: Driving the Liberals, Unionistas, Marxists and Communists Crazy

Chapter 1: How I Scared Liberal Senators Out of My State

Surviving Bullsh*t By Scott Walker


See Scott Run

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Matt Hrodey Posted: 3/26/2013 4:50:19 PM
 1   1    

But of course! Most certain. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/culling
Deroz Posted: 3/26/2013 4:07:35 PM
 0   4    

There are some good titles here, but are you sure you are using "culling" appropriately? Ususally it means cutting the weakest out of the herd.
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