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New Radio in Town
The Journal Broadcast Group launches a streaming radio app.

With 35 radio stations and 13 television stations in 11 states, Journal Broadcast Group was looking for new ways to bring media to the people. A new music streaming app does just that.

Radio League – available for download at radioleague.com, the App Store and Android Marketplace – is filled with free, locally programmed streaming music stations. It features six stations, including Country, Top 40, Adult Alternative and Revelation Christian. On Wednesday, the group will launch a Summerfest channel that will feature recorded concerts from years past.

J. Pat Miller, director of marketing and innovation for Journal Broadcast Group’s Milwaukee Radio Operations, says Radio League offers listeners more choices in a locally programmed app.

Journal Broadcast Group has reached the cap on the number of AM and FM radio stations one company is allowed to own, which is why the company made the move to online streaming. “Digital now enables us to provide our audience more music entertainment than any other Milwaukee broadcaster,” Michael Gay, Journal Broadcast Group vice president for interactive, said in a release

With a popular local music scene, Journal Broadcast Group sought to make local artists’ music more accessible to Milwaukeeans. Tom Langmyer, vice president and general manager of Journal Broadcast Group’s Milwaukee Radio Operations, said focusing Radio League on local artists has been a main priority: “Our business model is focused on strong local brands. Our mission is to build options and unique user experiences that tie directly to local partners and life here in Wisconsin.”

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AzYooper Posted: 3/26/2014 1:53:01 PM
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I don't understand why you say that Journal Broadcast Group has its maximum number of stations. Clear Channel has 840 stations in 150 markets and Cumulus has 525 stations in 110 markets. Just check their websites.
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