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Finding the Perfect Size
The Fashionista tries out Mayfair's Me-Ality kiosk to see if it really delivers the correct clothing sizes.

Images by Tom Nardini.

The first time I walked past the Me-Ality booth at Mayfair, I stood gawking at it with the rest of the crowd, wondering just what the machine was. It's located right outside Swarovski and Coldwater Creek stores on the first level, and it looks a bit intimidating if you aren't sure what it's for.

So, what is it? Its name stands for "Measured Reality," and it's a virtual fitting room. The machine takes thousands of body scans with radio waves lasting about 10 seconds, and tells you your exact size at participating retailers. The point? It takes the guessing work out of finding the perfect fitting jeans, tops, dresses, etc. It even breaks it down to the exact cuts and styles it thinks would fit you best, and prints out a detailed style guide. What could be better, you ask? Coupons. And you receive those, too. 

I thought I would try it out, and it went a little like this: strip down like you're walking through airport security (yay!), but this part is necessary to ensure all of the measurements are correct. So bye-bye shoes, jewelry, watches, belts, etc. Once you're in the booth, you stand with legs and arms wide while the machine whirls around you taking measurements (it lasts 10 seconds). While this may seem like a hassle, the whole point is that it will save you time in the fitting room.

Once the machine is done scanning, you step on out and the Me-Ality booth operator takes you over to a computer, where you pick out the type of clothing you're looking for. You receive a printed guide, and then you're sent on your way to find better-fitting clothes. In my case, the sizes they recommended were spot-on. 

A few of the participating retailers at Mayfair include: Victoria's Secret, Express, White House Black Market, Banana Republic and Eddie Bauer. 

Have you tried the Me-Ality booth? 

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