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Step Out From Behind the Curtain, Milwaukee
Forbes says the city's Downtown is "emerging." But from where?

According to Forbes writer Morgan Brennan, densely urban neighborhoods have a knack for pulling in the kind of employees many businesses enjoy: young, well-educated, hard-working (read: willing to work long hours for skimpy pay). "That is one of the reasons city planners have been plowing money and resources into revitalizing their core business districts," she writes.

Well then. Who's doing the best job? Milwaukee, turns out, and these other cities.

Denver, Colo.
El Paso, Texas
Des Moines, Iowa (not bad for the city that showed everyone the folly of downtown skywalks)
Detroit, Mich.
Louisville, Ky.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Birmingham, Ala.
Grand Rapid, Mich. (go Michigan!)
Pittsburgh, Penn.
Memphis, Tenn. (all you need is a few blues clubs, right?)
Atlanta, Ga.
Cleveland, Ohio
Los Angeles, Calif.
New York, N.Y. (because Lower Manhattan used to be real dump)

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