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Morning Links for March 25
All the news you haven't seen yet.

Happy Monday, Milwaukee. We've got a great reading list to get you back in the work-week mode. Think we missed something? Tell us in the comments.

  • The Journal Sentinel has a treatise on why Packers’ fans should applaud – rather than decry – Ted Thompson for not signing free agents. (Hint: They aren't as good as they seem.)
  • In a story about the human cost of technology, The New York Times tells the story of Jackie Dean, a tollbooth worker who will be replaced by automated technology this week after 18 years of service.
  • ABC News outlines President Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage leading up to two Supreme Court cases this week. Last year, Obama became the first president to voice his support for gay marriage – though he made clear he had no intention of nationalizing the issue. So much for that.
  • Apple isn’t ready to give up on maps just yet. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple paid $20 million for an indoor-mapping company WifiSLAM. Watch out Google.
  • While you were sleeping this morning, the Paul R. Tregurth became the first ship of the season through the Soo Locks. The JS has a video that condenses the trip to a handy 25 seconds.

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