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FGCU's Major League Connection
The Brewers' catcher reveals what could have been.
Jonathan Lucroy, the Milwaukee Brewers' starting catcher, recently tweeted a "little known fact" about himself. That little nugget turned out to be that he nearly attended Florida Gulf Coast University, whose basketball team just made college basketball history by being the only No. 15-seeded team to ever make it to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament. 

The Eagles soared to victory after besting San Diego State University 81-71 in Sunday night's game, and on Friday they upset No. 2-seeded Georgetown. 

As for Lucroy, when he called the baseball coach to commit to the FGCU, the coach never answered the phone. Lucroy eventually landed at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. With the start of his fourth major-league season just around the corner, we'd say it worked out just fine. 

Images via Lucroy's Twitter. This post has been updated with additional information.

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