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Local Street Style
The style scene at last night's Local Natives show at the Riverside.

When Local Natives - the California-based indie band - first visited Milwaukee last night at the Riverside, fans came out in full force (the show was even moved from Turner Hall to the Riverside to accomodate the demand). And ignoring chilly temperatures as they waited in line, street style prevailed. In fact, styles were as individualized and harmonized as songs off the band’s sophomore album Hummingbird, released January 2013. In honor of this, read on for our favorite looks paired with songs from the new album. 

                                                                All images by Jillian Klopke.

 Breakers plays like the perfect road trip summer song, with wisps of dueling harmonies and infectious guitar riffs that surprise the listener.

Hannah Krusinger’s pops of color, and vintage sweater plays into Breakers well. “I have a full outfit change underneath,” she said pulling her sweater up to reveal a printed bustier - quite the unexpected touch. 

                                                                       “Black Balloons”

This song brings a deeper melody, coated in layers of drums and tambourines for a musical depth that leaves nothing missing, in its multitudinous layers of sound.

Alec Miller and Cheyenne O’Connor-Montano are the dueling layers that perfectly reflect a laid back balance, with pieces from H&M.

“Mt. Washington”

This song opens with an acoustic guitar, and sole singer breathing out the emotional lyrics, “Digging like you can bury/Something that cannot die.” This bare-it-all willingness exemplifies a band with lyrical maturity that's comfortable in its own skin. 

Maggie Iken does the same. You first notice her bold blue hair, vintage flowered top, and then her subtle cropped white motorcycle jacket - it's a look that only someone comfortable in her skin could pull off.

Her boyfriend, Tariq Almagari, introduced her to Local Natives. “It took a while because she didn’t know what she was going to wear,” Almagari says of their pre-show preparations.
 Like the four years Milwaukee had to wait for its first Local Natives appearance, we think that extra time was worth it. 

By Jennifer Hamilton



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