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Outtakes from the Latest Marquette Law Poll
What the state thinks about gay marriage, guns and iron ore mining.
Marquette Law School bills its polling operation led by political science Professor Charles Franklin as "the most extensive statewide polling project in Wisconsin history," a bit of PR that's probably accurate. Insider covered the rise of the program — which is becoming ever more important to political dynamics in the state  last fall.

The nonpartisan surveys are the brainchild of law school dean Joseph Kearney, who says that both journalists and lawyers are interested in "getting at the truth." Part of the truth-seeking and extensiveness of the polls involves asking more questions that any news story has room to cover in one go.

So here are a few questions that may have been overlooked, with spiderweb graphs to match. The poll surveyed about 1,000 registered voters in Wisconsin earlier this month.

*decimals were removed from results included in charts

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