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Morning Links for March 22, 2013
Double-voting, a new DNR headquarters and Paul Ryan's latest gambit.
When our PC screen flickered to life this morning, this is what was waiting for us:

DA John Chisholm's office filed voter fraud charges of varying severity against 10 defendants on Thursday, the Journal Sentinel reports. The alleged offenses run the gamut. Some relate to petition drivers cutting corners during the 2011 gubernatorial recall, felons signing on as special registration deputies and a couple people who voted twice in the November election.

UW System President Kevin Reilly caught some flak over opposing a tuition cap. He downplayed the $181 million boost for the system included in Gov. Scott Walker's budget but admitted that the new money could lead to the lowest tuition increases in a decade.

Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan's aggressive federal budget proposal has passed the House. Time calls it "tea-party flavored," but Ryan's spending plans, first promoted in 2008, somewhat predate the 2009-10 tea party wave.

Gov. Scott Walker's plan for $1.5 billion in capital spending includes $17 million to build a new regional DNR headquarters in Milwaukee, according to the State Journal.

Milwaukee County supervisors will ask the state Legislature for the power to handle their own downsizing, the Business Journal reports.

The gawky red pincers at the Red Lobster chain of restaurants have taken a chunk out of their parent company's profits, USA Today says.

The Daily Mail describes Phil Spector fans as "outraged" over Al Pacino's portrayal of the music producer/murderer in an HBO movie. The film, which takes liberties with the events that led up to the death of actress Lana Clarkson, is called: "Phil Spector: The Truth is Somewhere in the Mix."

And this just in: Author Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart, a famous novel about colonial Nigeria, has died.

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