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Removable Wallpaper? Meet Chasing Paper
And it's manufactured in Milwaukee with some gorgeous designs.

All images courtesy of Chasing Paper. 

If you're redecorating your home, one of the easiest cosmetic changes can be changing the color of the walls. Painting is a fast fix and has the appeal of less mess and hassle than wallpaper. Enter Chasing Paper, a company launched last week that creates removable wallpaper, which can be used in every place your Pinterest-loving heart desires. To line a coffee table tray? Sure. To dress up the top of the coffee table itself? Yes. Or - like simpler times - to accent a wall. 

The best part? Chasing Paper was created by Elizabeth Rees, a Milwaukee native who manufactures everything right here in Milwaukee. Though she currently lives in New York City, Rees says she's in Milwaukee "nearly every month."

Rees' family has been in the printing business for three generations, but she says she wanted to strike out on her own. "I
t was important for me carve out my own place and conquer my own territory," she says. 

And while she was researching online for design concepts for Chasing Paper, she stumbled upon Allison Beilke, a local print designer, and her Milwaukee-centric designs. 
"I emailed her, we went to lunch and I did my best to sell her on the idea of Chasing Paper," Rees says. "Thankfully she was excited about the idea." Beilke's designs are just some of the paper offerings that range from fashion-forward, sorbet-colored chevrons to funky vintage floral prints and punchy geometrical shapes. 

Rees uses low-tack and non-toxic adhesive to create her mess-less paper. And the paper isn't sold in rolls, it's sold in 2' by 4'-feet rectangles so smaller projects don't require large investments. 
The paper comes in two materials: standard and "luxe." Prices per panel run $25 and $35, respectively. Rees also uses latex ink, which means you can craft away without dizzying fumes.  

Although Chasing Pa
per's web store has only been open a handful of days, Rees says the response has been "overwhelming." That's certainly understandable after home-design site Design*Sponge featured Chasing Paper on its second day open. "We had 10,000 unique visitors in our first 4 days," Rees says. Which is a nice head start for any new company chasing success. 

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