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Common Council Backs Recycling Parity in Bold Move
Beware, ye who do not return your recycling bins to the proper location.
The Milwaukee Common Council met today and approved legislation that will increase the fine for failing to return one's recycling bin to its designated pickup location from $25 to $30, the amount charged for failing to return one's garbage bin. This might not sound like much, but subsequent violations cost $40 and then $70 a pop.

In other business, the council paved the way for holding more dance performances in the City Hall rotunda. Whereas performers were once required to hold a public entertainment license, now all they need is the permission of the chair of the Public Works Committee, who happens to be Ald. Bob Bauman. In another plus for street performers, the council also approved a new license that allows nonprofits to hold up to 14 events a year for the low, low price of $150.

Pending the stroke of Mayor Tom Barrett's pen, beekeeper licenses issued by the city will no longer expire after one year and will remain in force until the city revokes them. And lastly, the council tweaked city code to expand the records secondhand dealers are required to maintain of the merchandise they buy and sell. The records are sometimes used by police to nab burglars and thieves.

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POSTED 1/12/2015