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Morning Links for March 20, 2014
Spring fever, half-marathon selfies, and the bird from hell.
Gather up that bouquet of bramble on this first day of spring 2014 and settle in to our Morning Links:

  • Spring! Even Miller Park is feeling it. The stadium’s roof is reportedly open for the first time since last year. For more deets on what it means to be spring, click here.

  • Satellite imagery of objects in the Indian Ocean led to hope of securing debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. But as darkness ended search efforts, there are doubts.

  • Best way I can think of to get through a half-marathon? Take selfies of hot men running the race with you. That’s what this woman did while running the March 16 NYC half-marathon.

  • A 16-year-old boy was able to bypass security at 1 World Trade Center in New York City and climb to the top of the country’s tallest building to take pictures. Not a good move, kid.

  • A bird-like, 600-pound dinosaur that scientists are calling the “bird from hell”? That’s this guy.

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