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Third Ward Cancels Jazz Fest
It will be "on hiatus."

In a curiously succinct press release, the Historic Third Ward Association announced Wednesday that its jazz festival has “going on hiatus.”

Summer Sizzle, a free neighborhood festival that features live jazz and other music, will not be held as scheduled (Aug. 2-3) this year. The release stated that the event would resume again “in the future when the neighborhood quiets down.”

According to the Association, the concern relates to a Third Ward art festival and Harley-Davidson's 110th Reunion, both held on the same site, and both nearly four weeks after Summer Sizzle would have ended.

The release also cited several area construction projects, including the new Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design student apartments expected to open in 2014 and other developments slated to begin later this fall. Putting on yet another event during “this time period,” the Association said, would be “too disruptive” to the nearby residents and businesses. 

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