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Morning Links for March 20, 2013
A morning news roundup so you don't have to.
Good morning, Milwaukeeans. Here is a list of our recommended reading from our town and beyond. Think we missed something? Tell us in the comments. 

  • The Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Mayfair Collections' groundbreaking - the site of a slew of new buildings including a Nordstrom Rack - will take place April 16. 
  • A.V. Club Milwaukee is loving the locally produced podcast Midwest Real, which has featured an impressive array of guests. We could get into this. 
  • One reporter at Madison's The Capital Times says he's been put on State Rep. Don Pridemore's (R-Hartford) "do not call" list, along with reporters from the Journal Sentinel, Associated Press, and Wisconsin State Journal, because Pridemore has considered their coverage of him "unfair." 
  • The Bucks beat the Portland Trailblazers 102-95, though at halftime our hometown team was up by 27 points, according to the Journal Sentinel. A win is a win?
  • On the national level, President Obama has arrived in Israel for a two-day visit - the first of its kind in his presidency. The New York Times has all the details fit to print. 
  • Plenty of people, including teens, are beginning to feel like "privacy is dead," thanks to the rise of social media. AdWeek has the details in colorful graphic form.  

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