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A Sober St. Paddy's
Girl About Town took part in an alternative celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day without beer is like Lucky Charms without the marshmallows – kind of bland, but healthier. I spent a sober St. Paddy’s Day this weekend running a charity race rather than hitting up the bars. I was happy to avoid the crowded bars and the hangover, but would have preferred a more traditional March temperature.


Saturday morning I arrived at Wauwatosa’s Hart Park for the Lucky Leprechaun 7K, along with thousands of costumed racers. It was obvious most of them were just there for the beer – and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Each participant received one free green beer upon finishing the race. I was there to finish and get back inside.


It was a frigid morning with ice and snow on the ground, more suitable for a geared-up ski rather than a spandex-clad run. “I am doing this for kids with cancer,” I kept reminding myself. The charity run/walk raised $10,000 for the MACC Fund. It was a rowdy, crowded sea of emerald green at the starting line. You can see for yourself here:


By the second mile, I had warmed up and felt proud of myself for maintaining a good pace. Dodging the bearded, wigged and tutu-ed characters was entertaining enough to take my mind off the wind biting the back of my neck and the snow sloshing beneath my feet.

Though it was definitely non-traditional, it was still a fun way to celebrate this wacky holiday. I had a few sips of Guinness after the race, which was all I needed to feel the luck of the Irish. Once I stopped running, I felt as cold as a wet tongue stuck to a metal pole. Had the weather not have been so blistering, I would have hung around for the after party at Leff’s Lucky Town, which I am sure was filled with blissful blarney as the day raged on.  

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