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Morning Links for March 19, 2014
Battles on the Legislature floor and the basketball court.

From tax cuts to drug fights to busting brackets, it's a busy time in Wisconsin. The links has you covered.

  • Gov. Scott Walker's plan to funnel the state's surplus into a tax cut is on final approach. The bill cleared the Legislature Tuesday and now awaits Walker's signature. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the plan is expected to trim $131 from the property tax bill of a median-valued home and $46 in annual income tax for the average worker.
  • However, the future of a state bill to make cancer-fighting drugs more affordable is not quite so clear. Despite passing with overwhelming bipartisan support in the state Senate, the bill faces continued roadblocks from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, the Republican from Rochester. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more information, including details of the Republican caucus' frustration with its own leadership.
  • For the second time in five years, local indoor soccer fans are wondering if the Milwaukee Wave can be saved, as the star-crossed club is dealing with a double whammy. The Wave's league, the MISL, appears to be on the verge of folding, and the team also faces a six-figure lawsuit from one of its vendors. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more details. Fans in search of a silver lining can fall back on the fact that the Wave has faced extinction before and survived, as detailed in a December Milwaukee Magazine piece.
  • Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports there has been "robust interest" in the Milwaukee Bucks since Sen. Herb Kohl launched his search for new investors.
  • And finally, get ready for the invasion of Longhorns and Sun Devils and Badgers, oh my. Milwaukee's corner of the NCAA tournament kicks off Thursday, and with the teams already in town, their fans are quick on their heels. A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel piece looks at the history of NCAA regionals in Milwaukee. Action at the Bradley Center tips off at 11:40 a.m. with Wisconsin's game against the American University Eagles, and continues throughout the day. The other three games pit the Oregon Ducks against the Brigham Young University Cougars, the Michigan Wolverines against the Wofford Terriers, and the Texas Longhorns versus the Arizona State Sun Devils.

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