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Haute List Wrap-Up
Details on The Art Institute's first fashion show.

All images by Lynee Ruiz. 

Tickets were sold out days before the Art Institute's first student fashion show, appropriately titled "The Haute List." Held at the Art Museum on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to walk in and see fashion-lovers dressed formally, funky and free as locals expressed their love and support for the arts. I took great pleasure in witnessing a middle-aged professional woman in a ball gown give advice to an aspiring stylist in ripped stockings, and men in tuxedos graciously greeting men with shaved heads and tattoos.

As ticket holders filtered in, bloggers, photographers and press snapped photos of the crowd. The show itself took place in a long hallway displaying MAM's Calatrava-designed architecture, and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat.

Here were some of my favorite looks by the student designers at the Art Institute.

Above: I loved this hooded outfit and its black and white patchwork print. It perfectly incorporates this season's mixed-print trend.

Above: This black silk sheer dress with a body suit underneath is a beautiful and bold look - and I just can't get enough. 

The audience couldn't get enough of this lime green skirt and grey cropped top. The color combo was absolutely stunning, and (you can only sort of tell in this photo) the back of the crop top was cut out.

We can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year. Were you at the show? Which looks made your "Haute List"? Leave it in the comments below. 

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