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Morning Links for March 17, 2014
We have nothing but Irish news for you this morning. This is a joke.
Top o' the morning to you! Happy St. Patrick's Day. But let's get to the real news.

  • Gary Witt, the frontman in the Pabst’s entertainment empire, wants you to wish Michael Cudahy a happy birthday. The man responsible for the Pabst Theater, Turner Hall Ballroom and the Riverside Theater turned 90.
  • The autonomous region of Crimea in Ukraine voted overwhelmingly to join Russia yesterday. But that might not be enough. CNN asks the all-important question: What happens next?
  • Most of us can admit to doing a Google search for ourselves. But Christopher Viatafa found out he was on California’s most-wanted list after an incident with a gun months ago. He turned himself in.
  • UWM’s men’s basketball team, a member of the horizon league, punched its ticket to the March Madness tournament yesterday. The team will face No. 2 Villanova on Thursday.

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