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25 Best Breakfasts
Plus five more great places to order at the counter. You’ll never have hungry mornings again.
Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.
This story appears in the December 2010 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

I blame it on Subway.
Commercials for fast-food abominations like the Sunrise Subway Melt have taken all the luster off the rib-sticking, love handle-making breakfasts made by a hairnet-topped lady in a grease-spattered apron. I mean weekday-morning breakfast – what Grams would say is the proper way to begin the day. Why trust this to a Pop Tart eaten straight from the wrapper? Hectic work schedules and the rise of the McGriddles have led many of us to lose touch with this gravely important chain of daily consumption.

But we here at Milwaukee Magazine can make a difference. If you’ve asked in disbelief, “Where can I find a good weekday breakfast?” look no further. There is no need to patronize the portly mega-chains when there’s a mom-and-pop like Jo’s Cafe, serving fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls and hoffel poffel that will fill you up for the next 72 hours. And that’s just the beginning. Huevos rancheros, fluffy pancakes crammed with blueberries and granola, and corned beef-eggs Benedict with paprika aïoli are other options. You cannot do better than start the day at any one of these 25 sit-down places, plus another five in our sidebar of quick, counter-service cafes. All are robust and deliciously belly-busting options.

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