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Diverse Do it Yourselfers….
Saluting Spring Style from the Streets of New York…

Why is it that people that march to the beat of their own drummer, (or for that matter iPod, smartphone or other electronic gadget), always pull off the self assurance in their fashion choices that the rest of us can only dream of? Are they simply more self involved, or would the more proper term be less? Do they try on endless variations of their attire before walking out the door, or throw it on with abandon? I think it would be fair to say that the people in these photos want to be seen positively, and at the same time don't care what we think about them, as they're already quite pleased with themselves. What I find fascinating about these looks are the way that these individuals own them. It is quite obvious that they didn’t look in some fashion magazine and just copy what they saw. These brave folks went out of their way to come up with their own take on what makes them feel good about the image they present to the world. That is what truly makes someone fascinating, not necessarily what he or she wears but how they wear it. So, I dug out a few more of my street shots from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to share with you here. Please feel free to discuss, and of course, just diss if you like. It's all part of the dialog of style that we should all take part in. Being cool is all about attitude, so feel free to take some inspiration from these color pairings, layering techniques and DIY glamour, and come up with your own point of view.

You'll be glad you did! 

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