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You Should Know: Save The Clocktower
This electro-pop outfit from Chicago is skipping SXSW to play here. Check them out at Mad Planet on Saturday.

Photo by Luz Newton

Check Them Out
Saturday, March 16 at Mad Planet with Ikarus Down and Sulek, 9 p.m.

What’s the big deal?
They say they’re from Chicago, but after listening to their vacuum-sealed electro-pop, it’s hard to imagine the guys from Save The Clocktower actually living there – or anywhere else on planet Earth. The one place that sort of makes sense is Los Angeles, particularly as it appears, sun-bleached and bloody, in the movie Drive. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ve heard its dark, futuristic soundtrack. In the PG version, these would be the songs on Ryan Gosling’s iPod as he stretches on a pair of leather driving gloves and that ridiculous scorpion jacket before heading out for the day – but instead of knocking heads, maybe he’ll just take a long, scenic drive and think about his feelings. If you haven’t seen the movie, think Daft Punk, New Order or Coldplay’s stuff with Brian Eno. To be sure: Save The Clocktower definitely has an ear for slick production, but it’s pop to the core. Remember, they’re just some dudes from Chicago!       

How’s the latest album?
Carousel (2011) was a solid album that, in retrospect, sounds like a band still figuring itself out. On last year’s Through The Glass, Save The Clocktower cracks the code. The batch of dancey, pristine electronic pop is packed with hooks, but its ear for texture and layering is a hidden bonus for audiophiles. It’s amazing these guys aren’t already signed/touring the world with Phoenix. Instead, they’re skipping SXSW to play Milwaukee. We should feel lucky.

What people are saying
“Poppy vocals and wonderfully airy accompaniment…. These are indeed catchy songs.” – NPR

Save The Clocktower, as famous as they already are in Chicago, are soon to be even more famous nationwide. Just listen to their music, and you'll agree.” – Examiner

This is one of the year’s best release (sic) from an unsigned band, especially specifically within the genre of indie electro pop/rock, or chill-wave.” – Ourvinyl

The Best Part

We have free tickets to give away. Comment here to win!

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