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Covered Up Cover
Our March 2014 issue with a cover story on same-sex marriage issue gets the black-board treatment at Sendik’s in Brookfield.

The cover in question
UPDATE (2:06 p.m.): We've confirmed the black boards have been taken down at the Brookfield Sendik's.

It came to our attention – through a tweet and an email – that the Sendik’s in Brookfield was putting our March 2014 issue (the one with the two brides embracing on the cover) behind a black board. This treatment is generally used on material that’s deemed inappropriate and offensive. Our March cover story looked at what the economic benefit of same-sex marriage might be if the state of Wisconsin were to legalize it. The headline on the cover? “For Love & Money: Same-sex marriage is big business and Wisconsin is losing out on millions.”

The reader who emailed us, went so far as to ask about the board: “When I asked why the clerk told me the ownership deemed the cover photo ‘inappropriate’.  I wondered if you were aware of this disappointing development.”

Other magazines getting the black-board treatment at the grocery store on Capitol Drive included Cosmopolitan’s most recent issue, which features cut lines like “Break the Bed Sex: 21 New Ideas to Blow Your Own Damn Mind” and “168 Ways to Kick More Ass!”

Read the story here.

The magazine at Sendik's

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