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March 2012
Top Spas

March 2012
Volume 37
Number 5


Natural Selection
The Milwaukee Magazine staff wishes our office space looked like ad man Joe Locher’s 3,000-square-foot warehouse, where raw materials meld with a keen decorative aesthetic.
By Cristina Daglas

The Perfectionist
Native Texan Buzz Williams carves an intense presence that Marquette University basketball fans have come to love. But the man behind the scenes may be far more buzz-worthy.
By Howie Magner

Top Spas
With daily stresses building like the water level in a whirlpool, people are turning to spa treatments more than ever before. We’ve compiled a list of the state’s most luxurious, certifiably zen-ist day and overnight retreats.
By Arlene Becker


Editor’s Letter
Gals & guys
By Bruce Murphy

Feed back and forward.

Bird song, operatic Americana, textile tales, and for the love of legs.

UW-Milwaukee’s disconcerting brain drain

An urban creamery, an actor-cumpuppet patriarch.

Five reads to feast your eyes on.

The Mil
Locals eating a newborn’s weight in prime rib, and apes using iPads.

Let there be light.

Bay View, a buyer’s and renter’s paradise?

Why robo surgical advances have gained cheerleaders.

The Observer
What’s causing sinking streets and the rotted foundations of buildings?
By Michael Horne

Fare with a farm-raised focus at Walker’s Point’s Braise. And a ‘lil neighborhood joint in the Heights.
By Ann Christenson

Point of View
Retiring County Board Chairman Lee Lolloway shares his thoughts on “playing the game.”
By Bruce Murphy

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