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The Definitive Website for Milwaukee Goes Live
Aside from, you know, MilwaukeeMag.com.
Back in our November issue, we talked with Amanda Seligman, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee history professor who is spearheading the efforts to publish The Encyclopedia of Milwaukee. At the time, she promised a companion Website to go along with the coffee-table book (due to be published in 2017). Although we said the site would go live by the end of 2013, we were wrong. (Blame it on the slow-moving gears of the ivory tower.) But Seligman is a pillar of the academic community, and she's come through on that promise.

As of this month, emke.uwm.edu is live. Although the site is in its infancy, Seligman promises more robust content will be updated on a regular basis. For now, a pair of entries covering William George Bruce and the Newhall House Fire gives visitors an inkling into what you'll see when you crack open the pages of the completed tome. We're loving the artwork posted, including a Roman Kwasniewski photo and the legendary "Wishes in the Wind" painting from David Lenz. We'll keep tabs on the project as it moves closer to that 2017 pub date, but for those that can't wait that long, Seligman and her team are set to release the Bibliography of Metropolitan Milwaukee in May through Marquette University Press.

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